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JP Duminy and Sue Erasmus: Val de Vie, 25 June 2011
We were absolutely thrilled to have been involved with the wedding of South African cricket superstar, JP Duminy and gorgeous Sue Erasmus which took place at Val de Vie wine and polo estate on the 25th June 2011. It was an elaborate, sophisticated French affair planned and perfectly executed by Val de Vie Coordination.

Sybrand Cillie took the scintillating photos of the wedding, especially of the grandiose five tiered dessert style wedding cake. Each tier was a different flavour and guests were treated to dark chocolate ganache, Hummingbird, decadent dark chocolate mousse, mixed berry ganache and tiramisu cake.'>

And that’s not all…the lovely story (and cake) was also featured in The You and Huisgenoot Magazines dated 7 July 2011. Wow!!

Attached is the simply dazzling picture of the cake by Sybrand Cillie.

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